Dunkin Donuts Research Paper

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Not Your Mom and Pop Donut Shop

I haven’t met a donut I didn’t like. They’re all so good. Donuts are what bagels aspire to become but never make it. I’m pretty sure I can single handedly take out a dozen donuts if I let myself. So this time I only ate half. New to Villa Park is Dunkin Donuts. There is no where to sit down in this place and there are so many people.

To begin with Dunkin Donuts is a donut chain that is typically found in the Midwest and East coast. With the popularity of their coffee branding they are taking greater steps to saturate the West coast markets. With breakfast sandwiches, bagels, donuts, and coffee, Dunkin Donuts has your breakfast covered.

When I was a young boy, about the age of 4 or 5, my father would pick me up after doing a night shift and we would go get donuts. The donuts that I always remember asking for were cake donuts with rainbow sprinkles. I never wanted any other donut except that one. As I aged I became an equal opportunity donut eater and cant say that I would never say no to a donut, even if it was a jelly. I would probably be shrug and then take it from you and eat it. You just can’t go wrong with donuts.
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No. Would I eat them again... sure if gave one to me. Like I said, I like donuts. Dunkin Donuts has now brought itself to a popular cult status within the mainstream. If there is a mainstream for donuts to begin with. They have done a good job of marketing to the average coffee drinker, who just happens to need a little food to go along with their morning cup. Their donuts are your average donut house donut. They have themes and such, throughout the year, but you will spend less and get a lot more from your local mom and pop donut shop. What you won’t find at your local donut shop is a selection of morning breakfast faire as broad as you can now get at Dunkin’s. If I’m going for donut shop donuts, its a local mom and pop, not big box store

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