Analysis Of Northwood University 's ( Nu ) Adult Degree Program

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Northwood University’s (NU) Adult Degree Program (ADP) is a delivery unit of the university that is designed specificity to help satisfy the needs of the working adult students. Students have the option to choose classes online, in the classroom, or a mixture of both. Students are paired with a Program Manager when they apply to the school, and they work with this manager is their liaison until they graduate. During a site visit, I was able to speak with students, faculty, staff and observe a class while in session.
Meeting the Needs of Adult Students: Northwood University hires adjunct faculty members to teach their non-traditional courses. Faculty are selected based on their previous education as well as the work experience. Interviews ensure they will have the ability to engage with the students in multiple ways. Adult learners tend to gravitate to the “student-centered” approach of learning verses the teacher-centered approach. (Merriam & Bierema 2014, p. 30). Faculty members are provided a variety of training materials, support, and access to a network of experienced adjunct faculty to assist them when designing their course. The instructors I encountered did a fantastic job of blending their experience with the course material along with soliciting the students to share their experience on the topics they were learning and use this information to create a robust discussion. The faculty members I spoke to stated their performance in the classroom is…

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