Essay on Analysis Of Nordstrom 's The Expectancy Model

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One approach Nordstrom has used to great effect is the Expectancy model, "where individuals are motivated to work because they believe they can achieve things they want from their jobs." For example, embracing and promoting departmental stores competition and rewarding the best employees for this positive outcome. They do this across all their stores to create a vibrant, excited, and motivated workforce within the company at all times. Moreover, the employees are honored for departmental sales increases and promotional ideas that have made sales soar.
Financial Incentives given by Nordstrom have proven to be some of the most competitive rates by far among competing companies. Nordstrom has the second highest wages in fashion retail paying an average of $11.89 an hour. Average salary for a salesperson has been seen to be around $42,000, plus additional cash compensation. For a store departmental manager is making roughly $55,000 average, with additional cash compensation based on quarterly reports.
Nordstrom 's in terms of motivation does not only look at their employees side, also to the customer side where they embrace the words "The customer is always right." Their return policy helps pass that message across since any product bought from them can be returned within 90 days of purchase. The company incurs almost all shipping costs of the product if the consumer bought the product online and decided to ship it back. Employees are rewarded when the company does…

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