Analysis Of Norcross ' S Argument Essay

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In this squib, I criticize Norcross’ argument for the claim that Fred would still be acting immoral if he hired someone else to torture the puppies. I then argue that the second premise of Norcross’ target argument is false by providing an objection. My objection shows that there is a situation in which the action itself is immoral, but hiring someone to do it is not immoral.
Now I will present Norcross’ target argument in standard form, for the claim that hiring someone else to torture the puppies for Fred is just as immoral as Fred torturing them his self:
1. Torturing puppies is immoral.
2. Hiring people to do something immoral is itself immoral.
3. Therefore, hiring people to torture puppies is immoral.
Norcross’ present this target argument on page 231, section 2, paragraph 1. The idea behind Norcross’ argument is that torturing puppies is immoral and hiring someone else to do it would be just as immoral as Fred torturing the puppies his self. Premise one is supported by the fact that Norcross’ shows that whether Fred tortures the puppies or someone else does, the action itself is immoral. Premise two is supported by Norcross’ because he believes that torturing, in general, is an immoral act whether done by oneself or someone else. Also, if one knows that an act is immoral, one should also understand that hiring someone else to do it does not make it any more moral.
An ethical theory shown in Norcross’ target argument is Rule-Utilitarianism.…

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