Analysis Of ' No Job Is Truly Unskilled ' Essay

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1. According to Ehrenreich, “no job is truly unskilled”. When the author states this, she is meaning to say how even minimum wage jobs require skills and skills are learned while on the job.
2. During the author’s experiment, she experienced moments of glory. When she had her job as a maid, she would finish all her rooms and extra tasks early so she was able to help the older employees. Ehrenreich’s breakthrough was her job at Wal-Mart and also at Woodcrest. Woodcrest, Ehrenreich fed the patients with Alzheimer’s and cleaned the ward independently.
3. As most workers may become worn out and tired with working a minimum wage job, Ehrenreich is proud of her physical abilities. The author is in her fifties and managed not to suddenly become extremely worn out and collapse.
4. During the author’s experiment, she experienced essential traits. She exhibited specifically four essential traits, they were punctuality, cleanliness, cheerfulness, and obedience.
5. In evaluation, the author gives herself a grade of her overall performance. She grants herself a B or maybe even a B+.
6. Ehrenreich visits Key West, she did not too well as she thought she would. While in this locations she used the majority of income on utilities and was unable to live in Key West due to this conflict. The rent for her “temporary home” was too high.
7. While in Portland, Maine the author was close to balancing income and extra expenses, but this was only possible because she worked a full week. Her…

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