Analysis Of Nineteen Shades Of Grey Essay

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The novel Fifty Shades of Grey has become a worldwide phenomenon, if a person hasn’t read this book they certainly have heard of it. The book was so popular that it was recently made into a movie as well, further contributing to the Fifty Shades culture and broadening its audience. The book “has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide…and emerged as one of the biggest-selling series in publishing history” (Bosman 1). When the film version of this book came out earlier this year it raked in “over $400 million worldwide” (Mansfield 1). The only other series’ to come close to these sales were Harry Potter, Twilight, and Nancy Drew (Bosman 1). What does it say about our culture and society that we praise a book that’s main focus is a man and woman’s relationship that is centered on the physical abuse of the woman? How did we go from books like Nancy Drew being the best seller to Fifty Shades of Grey where sexual violence is the main draw? Women have and continue to fight hard for equality in today’s world and while they have come a long way, Fifty Shades of Grey is just another setback in the fight for equality and a reminder of how far women have yet to go.
First, Fifty Shades of Grey is a major set back for women because it promotes violence towards women. Throughout the entire book the woman is treated as if her purpose is to please the man in everything she does, even going so far as to accept physical beatings that essentially are designed to arouse the man. Not only…

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