Analysis Of Nineteen Of The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay

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Analysis of the Major Conflict in Chapter Twenty of The Picture of Dorian Gray Among numerous of conflicts in the novel that involves the protagonist, Dorian Gray, the most important and crucial one ceases in the last chapter. Many analyze the conflict only on the superficial level and view it as the struggle between Dorian and his decaying Portrait. However, I found that the conflict could be interpreted more deeply and it actually contains multiple level of concepts that the author wants to express. My interpretation contains three levels of depth: the conflict between the protagonist’s desire of having a new life and his sin, prohibiting him from moving on; the conflict between Dorian’s seek for the inner peace and his troubling, decaying soul; and the conflict between real life and art, which is I believe one of the true idea that Oscar Wilde wants to convey in his work. In the last chapter, Dorian understands the meaninglessness and foolishness of his beautiful external appearance, which in some way brings him a disproportionate immorality. While Dorian’s beauty “had been to him but a mask, his youth but a mockery”, Dorian realizes that “youth has spoiled him”, and so he “loathed his own beauty” (215). He tries to start a new life. However, his regret of the evil deeds he has done prevents him from doing so. Such conflict is the first layer of my analysis. There are two paths for Dorian to take: he can either confess his sin to the entire world and beg for…

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