Essay on Analysis Of Nike 's ' Coolest ' Shoes '

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The internationally known, Phil Knight, invested time in designing the “coolest” shoes. Knight wanted these shoes to capture the attention of everyone around the world. After a few meetings, it was imperative to name the company, Nike. This brand sparked the lives of not only people who wanted to look cool but for athletes as well. Nike is such an essential brand for everyone 's closet— It is rare not to find a pair of Nike’s laying around in a house. This brand has been a story of success and fame— however, it has also been a story with complications along the way. The complications involve the use of sweatshops. The incentive of this piece rhetoric, in the medium of a cartoon picture was used to evoke different emotions for different groups of people. The primary audience who will be affected by this analysis will be customers who buy at Nike. The analysis will also evoke the emotions of the broad audience; this audience will include the general population who do not wear Nike’s, and the Nike company.

This piece of rhetoric in the medium of a cartoon states that Nike is contradicting a healthy life, and are also promoting abuse. In this cartoon the creator uses black and white colors to obtain the viewers’ attention. The creator avoids distractions because the secondary and primary audiences are witnesses to the absurd violence that is happening in third world factories. The colors explain the raw abuse that employees are facing day by day with the employers.…

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