Analysis Of ' New Data Shows School ' Reformers ' Essay

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As stated in text critique number one, where I explored and discussed the analytics of David Sirota’s “New data shows school ‘reformers’ are full of it”, the argument is strong and easily identifiable. The article flows and uses effective rhetorical devices to prove his points. As far as the interpretive side of it goes, I will explain the extent to which the author displays interpretive analysis and how that makes a difference in today’s society, and what the author meant for it to mean when published. Written on June 3, 2013 by David Sirota, this article exists to show that reformers, who believe they are making a difference in education and that they know the problem and how to fix it, are full of it. That they actually are missing the key issue as to why our schools are “failing” compared to other nation’s schools-to put it in their terms. Sirota uses multiple forms of tropes to emphasize his points, and also uses different ideologies and narratives to explain his own point of view on the issue. Today, in this year, reading the text brings about the argument of whether or not his article has made any impact on readers, educators, legislatures, or reformers even. Has this article even been brought to their attention? If so, what change has been made? Or has anything been changed? Have the reformers improved their ways to go about bringing change to help our “failing” education system change things? As a reader myself, along with others in the class, I think we can…

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