Analysis Of ' Never Let Me Go ' Essay

1264 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Horoscopes, psychoanalysis, and other mediums try to make sense of the purpose of life to determine one’s future. Others define their future by the role they are placed in, either through gender, race, or sexual orientation. However, just because one seemingly has a path laid out for them it doesn’t mean they have to accept the cards they are dealt. In Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, Kathy, Miss Emily, and Madame believe that one’s role in society is predetermined and unchangeable, and this ultimately decides their fate. However, although my role in society as a female is predetermined, I want to work to change my fate. Ms. Emily and Madame do not question the clones’ role in society. In fact, they believe that the way the clones are treated at Hailsham is incredibly justified considering that other clones in other places around the country are raised in much more inhumane conditions. When Kathy and Tommy are talking to Madame and Miss Emily about the possibility of a deferral, Miss Emily begins defending Hailsham and its secrecy: “Even before the Morningdale scandal, even when Hailsham was considered a shining beacon, an example of how we might move to a more humane and better way of doing things, even then, [the deferral] wasn’t true” (258). Though treatment of clones as if they are something other than human may be detrimental to society as a whole, a comparison between the treatment of clones in different areas leads Hailsham to be more highly regarded. Because of…

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