Analysis Of Nestle Crisis Management Contingency Plan

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Nestlé’s main course of action should have been to take accountability for the situation, it should not have ignored the situation nor should it have censored what was being said. Censoring only pushes people to probe the issue more with the idea that if a company is trying to censor video & conversations then it must have something to hide. The rule of thumb should be that you cannot control what others say about your brand but you can offer counterarguments and you can try to reflect the image you want your company to have.

Instead Nestlé should have faced the situation with counter arguments; it should have provided evidence that it was moving toward a more environment friendly approach. It should have told its customers that different options were already being investigated and wee under development by their R &D department. The company should have emphasized its corporate social responsibility activities (of which there were many), as well as its awareness of the environmental issues and its efforts to address these
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3. Strategic Communications Plan

3.1) Communication Infrastructure

• A Dedicated Team of marketing professionals will handle monitoring and responding to all issues posted on social media networking sites

• Another dedicated team of marketing professionals will handle issues pertaining to mass media marketing

3.2) Nestlé Communication goals

The goal of the company’s marketing strategy is to establish a positive image for the company, an image that is aligned with its values and corporate social responsibility. The strategy communication plan aims to develop a basis upon which the company can rely in its communication with its customers and the community as a whole. This channel of communication is primarily built upon gauging people’s responses to issues pertaining to the company operations, trends and

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