Essay on Analysis Of Neil Shubin 's ' Your Inner Fish '

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Neil Shubin’s documentary series “Your Inner Fish” explores the relationship between humans and all other living organisms. Shubin delves into human evolution to uncover similarities that connect humans with the world around them. The anatomist studies fossils, embryos, and various other parts to compare humans to fish, reptiles, and primates. Shubin challenges the common beliefs about evolution by recognizing the corresponding features between humans and seemingly unrelated organisms. The three-part series takes viewers on an adventure into their deep ancestral history as it slowly uncovers a timeline of human evolution. Each episode displays multiple examples of science in action. Anatomists and archeologists alike engage in the practices of science to generate new scientific knowledge. The first episode, “Your Inner Fish”, was based on how fish ancestors made the transition to land and what they looked like. Shubin practiced science in action by searching for physical evidence of transitional creatures and investigating the role of the Sonic Hedgehog gene in hand formation. The investigations and gene experiments performed science in action to find evidence of an ancient transitional organism. “Your Inner Fish” focuses on the discovery of a transitional fish and the scientific procedures used to find one.
The second episode, “Your Inner Reptile”, shifts perspective to find a relationship between humans and ancient reptiles. Scientists probe the mystery of how “skin…

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