Analysis Of Neil Fleming's Learning Style

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There are several assessment methods that can be used to interpret a specific learning style. Styles of learning are theories which suggest differences in individual learning styles and also suggest teachers adapt to suit the learning style of students, there are studies which contradict this theory. (Wikipedia 2014). The instrument we will use for the purpose of this essay is the Vark assessment method as designed by Neil Fleming. This questionnaire is instrumental in letting people know there are different ways of learning. Gathering of information or learning styles can be very different from one person to another. The acronym Vark stands for Visual, Auditory, Reading and Writing and Kinesthetic. The model focusses on the way people learn and implies a person who knows his or her learning style, learns easier and retains more of the learned information. The writer of this paper, know as Birdie took the test and her learning style was multimodal with her preferred learning style a combination of reading/writing and kinesthetic both with a score of 7. In comparison her auditory score was low at 3 and her visual score was zero. This paper will identify and explore strength and weakness in Birdie’s learning style and study habits. …show more content…
Learning styles are not stagnant but can flow and change and there are right or wrong way of learning. People can also adapt to new learning in styles. Then even if the teaching and learning style is not their preferred method of learning, with suitable adjustment they can still get the desired outcome of successful learning. The more varied or multifocal the learning style the more options the learner has to successful studying and acquiring of

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