Essay on Analysis Of Neil Barry 's ' Turkeys

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay

A nationally syndicated columnist based at the Miami Head, Dave Barry, in his humorous piece, Turkeys in the Kitchen, entails the struggle that men suffer from, when in the kitchen with their wives. Barry’s purpose is to showcase how difficult it is for men to try and chip in during the meal making process. He adopts a light hearted tone in order to discuss a controversial subject, in a laid back way. This piece can apply to about anybody willing to read except for children, due to some inappropriate references. Barry uses all the rhetorical appeals, successfully captivating his audience, with the most effective use of pathos, which keeps everybody laughing, while still relaying his purpose.

Barry opens up the text by straight off the bat insulting himself and all other husbands in a ‘you can not deny it’ kind of comment. Starting it off this way already shows that he has some personal experience, which keeps his opinions from being offensive to those that it could possibly apply to. Barry further proves his credibility by saying “Most men make themselves as useful around the kitchen as ill-trained labrador retrievers. This is not just my opinion: it is a scientific finding based on an exhaustive study of what happened last Thanksgiving when my family had dinner at the home of friends…”(Barry 72). This shows how reliable the author’s insight is due to the fact that he obviously has struggled through this himself. By sharing his own…

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