Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's ' Imagination ' Essay example

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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Imagination: “Mr. Hawthorne’s distinctive trait is invention, creation, imagination, originality…”(Poe). This was taken from a review of Hawthorne’s work written by Edgar Allen Poe in the late 1800’s. Nathaniel Hawthorne is a very well known author that had written books and works showing traits just as Poe had said. His stories and books are known worldwide and have been studied for many years. Through Hawthorne’s life, I believe he had developed a vast imagination. From developing an imagination, he had developed works that show his ability to make stories from his mind. Hawthorne used his imagination to develop his fascinating works. Through research and reading some of the works myself, a thesis was developed. When reading many stories such as” The Birthmark”, “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment”, and “ Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, you can’t help but use your own imagination as a reader and see that these stories needed a very well developed imagination to produce such fictional stories. This thesis was developed very easily when just reading Hawthorne’s work . Many of his stories are

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