Analysis Of Nasreen 's Secret School Essay

860 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Nasreen’s Secret School is a book that parents have been trying to get banned for being too violent, having a religious viewpoint and being unsuitable for the children that are reading it (third graders). Now this children’s book is about Nasreen a young girl who was living with her grandmother in Afghanistan during the Taliban rule. It is narrated by the grandmother who talks about the challenges little Nasreen faced and it shows the power of having access to education. It seems pretty harmless doesn’t it? Well some parents don’t think so. Some parents say that the book “promoting prayer to someone other than God.” (Alli September 28 2016) and that the book “teaches religion and is inappropriate for younger students.” (Sery January 07, 2016). Parents even said that their kids were being made to remember the prayer from the book. Some parents say the violence in the book is too much for the children in the book. Especially the part were the Nasreen’s parents are taken away and she never sees them again. It makes it seem like the book is not for children. Some parents say that the age group is for this book third, fourth and fifth graders is too young. Some parents think that their kids are unable to understand these topics because of the age they are at. Even though some parents think that the book is evil and inappropriate and should be banned there are some people who defend this book. The author Jeanette Winter said the book was about courage and the power of…

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