Analysis Of Nahum Quinlan 's ' My Name ' Essay

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Halyn Nahum Quinlan liked her name. It fit her personality perfectly. Halyn for her unique personality, Nahum for her comforting nature, and Quinlan for her strength. Hayln never understood her older brother, Allister’s name. It meant the protector and helper, which he was neither. Her mother’s name, Anidita, meant blameless, while her dad’s name, Placido, meant quiet. Anidita fit her mother, since she never seemed to do anything wrong. Her father’s name fit him as well, he always allowed himself to be outspoken by everyone, but when he did have something to say, people listened. Halyn was the only one of the family to have a middle name. This was because of Nahum, Anidita’s favorite foster father. Anidita had lost her mother and father to a fire when she had only been a baby. She had bounced from foster home to foster home, until she met Nahum, who later adopted her. She was about fifteen when she was placed in his home, and was in the middle of a rebellious streak. Nahum helped her stay on the right path. And so, when Anidita had gotten married, Nahum made her promise that her second child was named after him. He refused to tell us why the second child, and not the first, but whatever the reason, Halyn was given his name. Because she was a girl, they just gave her a middle name. Plus, Placido insisted on naming one of his daughters Halyn; he loved how the name sounded. Nahum lived just down the street, and often would invite Halyn over to help him, or just to keep…

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