Analysis Of ' My Wood ' Essay

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In the essay “My Wood” by E.M. Forster greed and the never ending feeling of not being good enough, and not being content with the life he lives is discussed in great detail. Forster uses many different examples and stories to enforce his point, and uses himself as a symbol for what is happening to society as a whole. Further examining what he is saying in his essay it is easy to infer that he does not agree with what is happening to society as it continues to grow, and uses rather odd examples such as claiming a bird that lands on his property. With society evolving and becoming drastically more superficial and materialistic, it has caused for the question of the relationship between property and the individual’s character to arise. As Forster discusses and exemplifies, it can make individuals feel heavy, causes for them to never be happy with what they have, and how they are restless, always wanting something more and better, something just out of reach. Throughout Forster’s essay he discusses himself and his experiences as a metaphor for society. He mentions the embarrassment he feels about the land he purchased in the very beginning of his essay by saying “still, it is the first property that I have owned, so it is right that other people should participate in my shame”(246). Which when examined more thoroughly one can infer that the point he is really trying to make is his disdain for himself and others by what ownership has done to people and a society as a whole.…

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