Analysis Of My School 's Executive Summary Essay

710 Words Oct 5th, 2015 3 Pages
The Pocket Speech assignment was an assignment which involved the review of my school’s Executive Summary that included important information about my school. From this summary I developed a short PowerPoint presentation that included chosen information in which I was familiar, and I gave that speech to a group of authentic audience members. The aspect of the school in which I chose to focus was the Engaged Learning Initiative (ELI), which is our school’s technology initiative, and my audience was comprised of brand new teachers to the school and student teachers. The information presented was important for the new teachers to our school because they were not present when the ELI was implemented, and with the refocus on that initiative this year, I felt it was important for them to understand the progression of the initiative, the importance for our students, and the alignment of the initiative to the mission, vision, and goals of our school.
The task of delivering the pocket speech to an audience was not as daunting as I first thought it would be. When presented with this assignment at the beginning of the semester, I was concerned because speaking in front of people is an area that I feel is not a strength; however, after delving into the material that I used in my speech, the importance of one’s level of knowledge when speaking was reiterated. Because I was very familiar with my topic as well as very passionate about the affect it has on students, I was more…

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