Analysis Of My Mindset On Water

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My Mindset On Water There are approximately 7.7 billion humans on earth. Every one of us is dependent on water the minute we are born. It is essential to our lives and we depend on it for our survival and for our strength. Depending on where we are born and what we encounter over our lives in relationship with water, our views and ideas on water differ from one another. It is in human nature to develop opinions on living and non-living objects based upon our experiences with that object. We often let our hearts develop emotions towards objects based on the impact it has had on our lives. In the literature to follow, I will highlight the points listed above by presenting and analyzing water stories encountered by humans, and the impact it …show more content…
My father's story about his watershed and his love for it as a child relates to Eduardo Sousa writing about the history of the Taddle Creek and how people only began to appreciate it after it was gone. Both stories begin by showing humans enjoying the beauty of the watershed, but overtime misusing it and paying the consequences of doing so. Furthermore, my grandfather's mindset that water is a gift relates to Peter Annin's writing about the growing concern about the safety of the Great Lakes as water scarcity continues to become a major issue. Both individual's value water highly and care for its safety sincerely. Lastly, the literature written by Mr. Wong and Mr. Christian called, Re-storying Waters, Re-storying Relations revolved around the idea that when humans begin to take part in activities related to water, our connection with one another and with water will increase and in the process, we will strengthen the bonds we have with one another. This is something I truly believe and I reiterate a similar stance in my

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