My Great Grandparents, Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

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Chapter One

~Humble beginnings~

My family came to Vermont with the French settlers of 1731 to 1734. Malora Duviux and Francois Denver were originally from Bordeaux in France. At the time, Bordeaux was a prospering town and this really was the ‘Golden Age’ for the town. Many people travelled to Bordeaux to see the beautiful buildings but for the French magical community times were very hard. Europe was in the middle of some pretty nasty ‘witch hunting’. Seems silly to look back now and realise that the chances of non magical people actually catching a Sorcerer and then actually managing to make them stand trial were so slim.

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My Great Grandparents had an especially nasty experience in 1730 when Malora was cornered by Mortals throwing stones at her. She had made a name for herself as the town healer. At first the town had been grateful for her help but eventually her home remedies had started to make her neighbours suspicious and, at a time, when accusations and feelings were high, Malora found herself targeted as a witch. The couple knew it was time to leave France.

In 1731 French troops had
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Personally, I felt he maybe lived his life a bit in the shadow. He went through his time at Arbor Academy successfully but was constantly reminded of the achievements his father made. George joining the staff of Arbor Academy in 1800 as the Potions master. I remember that he was never happier than being locked away in his Potions lab. People asked me if the fact my father was a Professor at my school was ever as issue for me....I always say not at all. My Father never let his feelings for me get in the way of his job. Sometimes I look back and wonder if I was too much like my Grandfather to have a real close relationship with my Father. He passed away three months after my twentieth birthday in 1849. His portrait hangs in Arbor Academy. In his own way, he was a great

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