Personal Narrative: My Great Grandfather Shmuel's Second Journal Entry

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Digging through the trunk filled with family relics I stumbled upon my great grandfather Shmuel’s journal entries. His entries detailed the October Revolution, End of World War I and the events spanning across the next fifteen years before he came to America with his family in search of a better life. Some background information on who my great grandfather Shmuel was. My great grandfather Shmuel a Jewish farmer living in Eastern Russia, now a part of modern day Ukraine, however, he will call himself, Soviet or Russian in his journal because Ukraine doesn’t exist at this point. He doesn’t have much to his name, which is why he thinks communism is a great idea at first but I’ll let him explain. Without further ado, here is his first entry.
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It is a good two years since his last one, and I cannot say that I have all of them because the next one is a good five years from this one. I think some might have been lost or destroyed through the years. However, due to the stories I’ve heard and history I’ve learned I can fill in on some of what happened in the years between. Since his last entry Lenin had seized hold of the now formed Soviet Union, and began building a magnificent country. In other news happening around the world during this time period: World War I has officially ended, however, I think that is written about, and the league of nations was established in 1919 and while I doubt that my great grandfather would have known about the league of nations, because it wouldn’t have impacted him drastically. Those are the main events. Here is his next …show more content…
This one is from a good five years after the last. Like the last journal entry I will fill in some of the gaps between this entry and the last. This journal entry is from February 1924, a couple of weeks after Vladimir Lenin dies. Since 1919 Lenin had continued to build his communist country, and he was doing a swell job of it. Distributing food and money as evenly as possible, however, Lenin is now dead, and my great grandfather has concerns about his predecessor Jozef Stalin, who seems to want to take the Soviet Union down a different path. Here is the third journal entry of my great grandfathers’ that I’ve

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