Essay on Analysis Of ' My Eyes '

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In life people seek what they believe they deserve, even when it comes to something like love. “We accept the love we think we deserve (Chbosky Perks)” said Bill, the wallflowers teacher. To a great extent do I respect this quote although at the same time find love completely glorified, when Bill said that we in essence crave love and therefore “we accept the love we think we deserve”. To Charlie it shows the choices that his friends have made when it comes to love, like Sam falling for the wrong guy or Patrick loving someone who loves him but will not admit, however it also reveals much of who he is to himself and the love he has for others. For me it does the same and shows the way I view love. Love, in my eyes, is just the outcome of how we experience and come across who we are. It makes me think about how this affects others as well as myself. When we do not have self-worth we choose people who do not love us for who we are and end up mistreating us. Love and the way we view the concept of it is a main theme in this movie, the characters, especially Charlie, experience immoral relationships and find themselves getting hurt by the ones they love.
We allow ourselves to take upon love as an outlook on how we see ourselves “We accept the love we think we deserve (Chbosky Perks)” because even if someone sees us as perfect, the vision we have about ourselves leads to us building up a wall when it come to love, that we do not always have to settle for. In the specific scene of…

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