Analysis Of Multiculturalism In The Classroom

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Course Analysis: I learned some very important teaching techniques, student’s factors and guidelines regarding the approach to multiculturalism in American classrooms. I think it is important to know this information because treating students equally is one of the single most important factors a teacher must know when teaching students. Equality in the classroom can provide a positive learning environment; it could cause an increase in student achievements and can allow for successful student-to-student interactions. I say this because a student who does not feel like a part of the classroom because of various factors can negatively affect their education. I think every student should have the same opportunities as any other student, regardless …show more content…
I believe this to be the single most important form of discrimination in schools today. Children/young adults can be very cruel to each other because the culture that public education has created. Students who may receive reduced or free lunches might be made fun of because other students might think they are poor. This can affect their education because of unwanted stress the student receives from being made fun of. Students who might not dress in the most popular clothes, or students who might not wear the top of line shoes are made fun of because they are not part of the “style” that is in. I believe one way to address this would be to tell educate students that their clothes are not their brain. I believe keeping information like this discrete can help prevent students from being bullied based on their socioeconomic status. I will also help these students excel outside of the classroom as …show more content…
Many factors contribute to a positive classroom environment; addressing these three can create a solid foundation to a successful classroom. I believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure their student’s safety and that they are contributing to positive learning. I am going to encourage my students to study other cultures, to accept students into their social groups regardless of their economic status, and realize races does not mean a student is any different than them intellectually. I will give my students all of the same opportunities and encourage them to better their education because THEY WANT TO. Self-awareness and self-encouragement is also very important and will be major aspects of my

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