Analysis Of Muhammad Jaco ( Lupe Fiasco ) And Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

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Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (Lupe Fiasco) and Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. are one of the best influential hip moguls of our generation. Both artists are from Chicago, Illinois and share similar back-stories in their lives, which was able to propel them from the stereotypical rappers that only talk about drugs money and sex. Common who made his debut in the 90’s talks about keeping Hip Hop from falling into the loop that mainstream rapping is turning into and with that his song “Dooinit” Which talks about a culture shock in the rap industry where individuals were selling out just for materialism and Common wants to make an effort to save them from falling into it. The next lyric is “The Neighborhood” which depicts life in Chicago and remembering where you come from. A lot of people who make it forget about where they come from and this song is basically the reminder of you are the product of where you came from, so never forget about the trials and tribulations that you had to overcome in order to achieve what you have now. The third lyric comes from Lupe Fiasco and is entitled “Prisoner 1 & 2” It is a combination of two songs combined into one which talks about racial profiling in America and how black lives aren’t being fairly trialed in Chicago for minor crimes or lack of evidence there of. We see this now with all the crime against African American men and the starting of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The last lyric is called “Delivery” which is peace of man. Violence is…

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