Analysis Of ' Mrs. Dalloway Essay

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Close proximity is equally distant, despite being in constant company with other human beings, the characters within the novel Mrs. Dalloway suffer from communication issues; they are unable to express their attitudes and feelings toward the people they share the greatest parts of their lives with. Through personal reflection of memories connected to important events, the characters thought processes illustrate their personal attitudes about life and its promises. Character’s included in point of view are revealed to be isolated by their facets through their personal reflections: Clarissa Dalloway is isolated by her anxiety with death and personal decisions, Septimus Warren Smith is isolated by his PTSD symptoms, Hugh is distinguished by his class, Richard Dalloway is confined by his political views, Sally Seton is secluded by her demeanor outside gender role while Peter Walsh is afflicted by insecurity; their personal affiliations, views and circumstances give them unique sensitivity towards life outside the understand and communication of others. The protagonist Clarissa Dalloway’s unique sensitivity of understanding regarding the social constructs of marriage, religion and the institution of women’s rights isolates her from those closest to her. Clarissa’s mental reflections expose dualities in her life which isolate her from her husband and daughter. Her point of view is delineated with the perpetual ongoing of time versus herself, time relating to her end or death,…

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