Mr. Nice Guy Research Paper

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Does it really matter how you treat others? Is it possible to claw your way to the top by putting others down? Do nice guys really finish last? This age old debate has two main sides to it. One view that claims that nice guys finish last, that altruistic qualities in a person are no longer favorable and that poor “Mr. Nice Guy” gets stepped on along his path to achieving whatever he has his mind set to. The opposition, believes that nice guys do indeed come in first place, that altruistic qualities are highly favored in a person, and that “Mr. Nice Guy” is indeed everyone’s favorite person and has an easier path to success. In order to develop an educated bias for this argument, altruistic traits were researched in two different scenarios; …show more content…
Nice Guy”, research was conducted on the preference of a lack of altruistic qualities in the workplace, and dating. Why would anyone favor a more assertive personality, over an altruistic one? According to Psychology Today, when it comes to dating, most women see altruistic qualities as a constellation of traits that prioritize kindness, conscientiousness, warmth, and respect—but when it comes to romantic interests, nice can be a shorthand antonym for bold, strong, or sexy, instead meaning “needy, weak, predictable, boring, inexperienced, and unattractive” (Herold & Milhausen, 1999). Apparently, being too nice has created a negative reputation for “Mr. Nice Guy” in the dating world, and has given a great disadvantage. Despite the possibility of a difference in opinion, it is valid to assume that women often avoid dating a guy that is “too nice”. Furthermore, according to Forbes “the professional world has long considered the word “nice” synonymous with “weak.” Nice guys are powerless. They’re just asking to be taken advantage of. It’s assumed that niceness can’t coexist with anything other than fragility, a decidedly feminine trait unappreciated in the male-dominated world of business” (Scivicque, 2011). Unfortunately, for “Mr. Nice Guy” he is perceived as a stepping stone for someone else’s success, which in turn is detrimental to his own success. It is easy to consider, well known persons such as Kanye West, Justin Beiber, and Donald Trump, as successful people whom are lacking an altruistic trait but are still very successful in their

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