Analysis Of ' Mr. Hooper 's ' The Black Veil ' Essay

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One is the importance of individual freedom in the sense that each person has the right to choose for him or herself. In the short story, Mr. Hooper decides to wear a black veil over his face for the rest of his life, due to his concerns about his life mistakes made in the past, according to him. American Romanticism characteristics would be that many believe it is a respiration for some terrible sin, he has committed in the past, though the reader discovers (on Hooper 's death bed) that he has chosen to wear the black veil to reflect the hidden sins he has made for himself, but reminds those that all God 's creations have the same hidden sins, and therefore, instead of wearing a black veil they hide their sins behind a false front, like wearing a mask. In this case this would be an example of his appearance wearing the veil, The veil makes Hooper appears “bad” after the funeral members of the congregation believe they see him "and the departed maiden 's spirit … walking hand in hand" (15). Not only does Hooper wear the veil at a funeral, but also approached to a wedding wearing the black veil. Hooper continued to wear the veil through the rest of the day 's, including a funeral, at which the veil seems an "appropriate emblem," but at a wedding service, not so decidedly appropriate. Some characteristics of American Romantic writing or that of supernatural/occult. In a literary sense the "supernatural" refers to, "beyond" the natural, which then turns out to the physical…

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