Essay on Analysis Of Movie ' Boyz N ' The Hood '

1526 Words Sep 29th, 2015 7 Pages
Nikayla Dahl
Professor Vogelpohl
ENG 201
24, September 2015
As time progresses, the world modernizes and individuals adapt to the changes in its surroundings, but innately as a whole people remain constant in their characteristics and actions. There is a reason why a smile is a universal sign of happiness, and tears are a universal sign of pain; they’re emotions that people felt thousands of years ago and will continue to feel thousands of years from now. The emotions that war and revenge inflict upon an individual are timeless and are comparable to other individuals all throughout history. The Iliad, written by Homer, and the movie Boyz N The Hood, written and directed by John Singleton, both portray the idea that stories from two completely different time periods can coincide with one another to bring people of all time periods together. The characters in both works deal similarly with the struggle for power, dealing with death of loved ones, and revenge for others wrongdoings. The two works illustrate what a war-based life is like and the struggles and hardships each individual character has to deal with based on their setting. The settings of each of these works are comparable in that they both take place in areas of huge turmoil between groups. The Iliad takes place in eighth century B.C. on the battlegrounds during the time of the Trojan War. During this time period there is ongoing wars between the Greeks and the Trojans. Throughout this ten-year war,…

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