Analysis Of ' More Known For Her Stage Name As P ! Nk Essay

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Alecia Moore, better known for her stage name as P!nk is an outspoken singer and songwriter who believes that the beauty is in our differences and women need express that more. Her music speaks on female empowerment and she has a strong feminism side to it all shown through her music videos and sung through her lyrics. A feminist is a women who believes that she should be treated just as equally to men and not considered any less. Her fashion statement as well is bold enough to show that she is a strong willing women who believes in feminism. P!nk wants women to not only fit in with society and feel comfortable with themselves but feel that they’re just as equal to men. P!nk is a feminist.
Since 1999 Alecia has written music that mainly speaks upon one subject, women. Her music is written about loving sex, hating her husband, loving her husband, and hating superficial starlets which are divas in the spotlight. One of her most famous songs that expresses her feeling that women are settling for less than they are worth and that they can do more than society implies is “Stupid Girls.” She states lyrics like: “What happened to the dream of a girl president?” and “Outcasts and girls with ambition, that’s what I wanna see.” P!nk states these lyrics to empower and encourage women to get out of their comfort zones and to stand up for themselves emotionally, socially, and even politically.
Fashion statements are a huge factor in making music and being famous. They express the…

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