Essay on Analysis Of Moonlight Sonata By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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When I think about classical art and Beethoven, numerous amounts of his beautiful music come to mind, as I am sure it happens to many others as well. I remember as a little girl my uncle, who I looked up to, would listen to the works of Beethoven. Being that of a young age I did not truly understand, but knew I loved it. For me, one of my personal favorites is Moonlight sonata. Moonlight Sonata was one of Beethoven’s most popular piano compositions. I well explain in this essay how Moonlight sonata reflects Beethoven and how this piece exemplifies the era it was created.
Who is Beethoven? Where does one begin, when describing such an influential figure in the history of classical music? I will first start with this, his full name is Ludwig van Beethoven. He was born in Bonn, Germany in 1770. His father, an alcoholic music enthusiast, taught Beethoven to play piano and violin. His father was known to be rather unconventional and brutal in his way of teaching, which affected Beethoven for the rest of his life. At the young age of twenty-four he realized he had problems with hearing. By 1800 Beethoven was an established musician and composer, but his hearing had greatly deteriorated. Beethoven’s deteriorated hearing affected his social life and personality, giving him a reputation of being rude and having a hot temper. As years passed, Beethoven became so emerged in his work his personal hygiene was greatly neglected; sparse bathing and changing clothes. Beethoven’s music…

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