Analysis Of Moby Dick 's ' The Heart Of The Sea ' Essay

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Moby Dick is a great american epic about a shipping voyage to gho whaling, however the voyage did not go as planned as a huge whale destroyed the ship. The ship that was destroyed was a small whaling ship that was 88ft long and it was called the essex. The essex was considered lucky however. Herman Melville was the author of “Moby Dick”, he was a school teacher before he decided to set sail out at sea in 1839. Melville was very interested in Nathaniel Hawthorne. He admired Hawthorne and his writing. At first Moby Dick was considered one of Melville 's worst books but then after he died, the book was printed and many people began to realize the true meaning of the novel and now there are many re-makes of the book and some movies have been created also. Ron Howard 's film “In The Heart Of The Sea” retells the story about the magnificent whale that left the 20 man crew of the essex alone and boatless at sea. The film is told through Melville and Thomas Nickerson, they were both survivors of the ship. The producer and director of the film was able to capture and re enact the novel from the romantic era, about “Moby Dick”.
Romanticism rejected the concept that natural law could be found through human reason. What that means is that you don 't know what you have until it 's taken away from you or it 's gone. You don 't realize how good you have it until you are put into a position where you almost lose your life. In the film the crew sees and takes part in a bloody and gruesome…

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