Analysis Of Moby Dick By Herman Melville Essay

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The novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville was set between eighteen thirties and eighty forties, aboard the whaling ship the Pequod, in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. this novel is an epic adventure quest tale that later becomes a tragedy. Melville’s, Moby-Dick, creates various types of characters and symbolic interpretations. The two ways Melville approaches there various interpretations are through biblical and archetypal references throughout the novel. I will argue, throughout this essay that Melville’s reason for representing Moby-Dick, was specifically towards displaying the concept of truths he saw around himself.
Father Mapple is a symbolic character that shows the role of God. For him, the first duty of any shipmate is to God. His sermon is essential to the entire novel, in that it sets out the basic dilemma and theme of the entire story. And, not surprisingly in a novel that is all about one man’s obsession with pursuing a white whale of mythological proportions on the high seas, Father Mapple’s sermon is on the story of Jonah (Battenfeld 395). Father Mapple preaches his sermon that leads his congregation in a hymn. The source is the rhymed version of the first part of Psalm I8, which is found in the psalms and hymns of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, the Church in which Melville was brought up (Battenfeld 393). Father Mapple 's message is more than a sermon, it is a prophecy. Impelled by the same unavoidable destiny, Captain Ahab pursues a course…

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