Analysis Of ' Moby Dick ' By Herman Melville Essay

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Throughout the novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville, we see a clear projection of disillusionment and madness portrayed by the protagonist. Madness and vengeance are a common theme throughout; however, these topics are counter argued with the thoughts that trail through the reader’s mind. Thoughts of sympathy and forgiveness for the maddened captain. Captain Ahab’s important role of maddening behavior reflects onto the novel as a whole by creating a tone of irony and drama.
Melville creates our main character Captain Ahab; an eccentric crazy man on the hunt for a white sperm whale that dismembered Ahab long ago. Ahab’s madness is seen early on in the book even when we never see him. The narrator explains that “...nothing above hatches was seen of Captain Ahab” (Melville 133). This behavior highlights Ahab’s weariness which makes him all the stranger. To make a strange behavior normal, we look can look at what it means to be the captain of a whaling ship. Ahab was obviously plotting his revenge on Moby, but being held responsible for such an adventure would stress anyone out.
Ahab’s madness is driven by revenge that is all in his head. He speaks of the whale named Moby as if it is God. Ahab believes that not only has Moby taken a part of him, but is the center of all evil in the world, “...that the sum of all general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down…”(Melville 200). To think this highly of a clueless animal adds to the general significance of madness to…

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