Analysis Of Miyazaki 's ' The Sea Of Stories ' Essay

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In Miyazaki’s Spirited Away the role of memory allows a person, river or spirit to leave the spirit world and assume one’s original identity and name in which Youbaba takes from you. Throughout the story Haku reminds Sen to remember that her true name is Chihiro. If Sen forgets that she is Chihio, then she will never be able to leave and Haku is in that position. Also Chihiro’s memory also keeps her attached to her parents because if she forgets which pigs are parents, then she will not be able to save them. Memory serves a purpose further than merely names though. Sen must remember the qualities that are true to who she is, even though her name has changed. Haku is an example of what happens when one forgets who he is. He forgets his name and thus becomes evil following Youbaba’s orders because he has forgotten his identity. Ultimately, the lessoned to be learned is that even staying true to one’s values is important no matter. Haroun and the Sea of Stories is a story that shows the results of forgetfulness and the power of memory. The story begins with the Country of Alifbay and it is a sad city that has forgotten its name (Rushdie,15). The story ends with the city of Kahani remembering its name and the people and city are happy again (Rushdie,208). A reader can draw that remembering one’s identity brings happiness. Looking further into the story there are multiple layers of the power of memory and how memory is affected. The main plot of the story is Haroun’s quest to…

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