Emily Grierson's Death Analysis

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Miss Emily Grierson is the daughter of one of the most important wealthy men in town, what happens to be a small southern town in the late 1800’s. Emily’s father must have fought on the side of the confederacy in the civil war and was someone of high ranking because the story tells us that she will be buried in a cemetery of the war dead, in a family memorial maybe where her father has been laid to rest. Due to her father being someone of high rankings, this must conclude that she lived a warm, satisfying childhood probably in a mansion given the description form the story. As stated by Gary L. Kriewald, “Big, squarish frame house that had once been white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies in the heavily lightsome style …show more content…
Emily was seen more outside of the house and the townspeople took notice of that. From what was going on, everything was good for Emily. However, when she went to the druggist to purchase arsenic a poison, she was required by law to state what it was for. When asked Emily just started at the man not giving an answer. What would a woman like Emily be doing with such a strong poison? Faulkner never reveals the true cause of death by Homer or who did it. It is more of a speculation that Emily killed Homer. According to Thomas Robert Argiro, “The received explanation for this mess is that Emily buys arsenic and poisons Homer on his return, just after the visit from her Alabama cousins; nothing confirms this however, since only circumstantial evidence exists: her purchase, Homer’s disappearance, and later the discovery of the body”. This is where Emily turns down a road of murder. Even after Homers death “Emily keeps the body for whatever twisted reasons; she thus becomes an uncanny felon. Her morbid behavior suggests a profound pathology that naturally raises serious doubts about her sanity; mentally ill people are radically unpredictable and are often capable of anything” (Argiro, Thomas Robert

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