Analysis Of `` Mirror `` By Sylvia Path Essay

1155 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 5 Pages
Sylvia Path’s poem “Mirror” is about a woman maturing with time, and the mirror is the self-reflecting proof to her into finding the truth. She is faced with life’s inconsistencies and the mirror is the only thing to her that does not hide the truth, but actually reveals it to her, even though she may not want to face it. The second stanza portrays the mirror as a lake. The woman sees herself aging, and does not like what she sees. The overall representation of the poem is that the mirror only gives a reflection, and the person being reflected is the only one who is judging. Women are proven to be more appearance driven because of the harsh judgmental society. Many studies have shown that women are more judgmental of appearances then men. William Wend, a Rowan College at Burlington County professor, has shared an incident when he noticed that there were no mirrors in the male bathroom, but there were multiple mirrors in the female bathroom. It is also a coincidence that the character in the poem was a woman judging her insecurities through a reflection. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is the perfect analogy for this poem. Appearance is a major influence of people’s perceptions of one another, which is completely incorrect, but it is how humans are wired. Humans are extremists when it comes to judging the looks of someone. When it comes to appearance, humans are extremely good at making assumptions of socioeconomic background, insecurities, and even emotional…

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