Analysis Of Mini 's ' Defying Labels ' Essay

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The first commercial that I found online to use was Mini’s “Defying Labels.” In this commercial, they are trying to get the public to buy their Mini Clubman. The first “label” they decide to break was that this car was a “chick” car. Serena Williams is resting on the car telling us that this car is a chick car. They go through all the stereotypes for the car such as a gay car, short man’s car, or a cute car. They try to get you to see beyond its typical stereotypes. Finally, they say that the car does not care what you call it and the car is defying labels.
In this commercial, it is aimed for anyone who drives. It is prescriptive, so it is trying to tell people to not rely on labels to buy goods. I do not believe that this is only trying to get people to buy a car. I do believe that this message could be for anyone, and simply telling you, in life, to not rely on labels and stereotypes. It uses celebrities for you to pay attention, but it is the celebrities words that are supposed to get you to remember the message. When we see Serena Williams, we do not think of her using “chick” things. We see her as an athlete. This commercial is trying to get us to look beyond these labels.
I believe that Christine Gudorf would agree with this add. I believe that she would believe that his add helps with the concept the sexual dimorphism paradigm shift. In her essay, she states, “…it is no longer correct to distinguish sex and gender by saying that sex refers to our…

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