Analysis Of Mike's Death

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There was a special bond the three of them shared and when Mike was shot, it shook Rafael and Sonny to the core. Especially Sonny. He was not only a lover but a fellow squad member and police officer. Everything was touch and go during the night. At first, the doctors were unsure if Mike would make it or not until the surgery was over with. After the surgery, Mike remained unconscious but stable. There was no way Sonny could sleep. And whenever he did he envisioned Mike dying and him attending the funeral. Seeing Mike 's lifeless body lying there in the casket always woke him. He would sit up and shake and then get angry. Angry because the person who shot him was a correctional officer and they were supposed to be like brethren to cops. Who …show more content…
He hated how his mind was plagued by these fears and nightmares once more and how empty their bed felt. “Not again.” He sits up and runs his fingers through his hair, trying to compose himself.

Rafael begins to stir, turns over to face him, and mumbles into his pillow, “What 's wrong?” His eyes were still closed.

“I keep dreaming about Mike 's incident. And that we attended his funeral. I friggin ' hate it,” Sonny frowns.

“Mmmhe 's still alive,” Rafael sleepily reaches for one of Sonny 's hands. “Lay back down with me. Tomorrow we can visit him in the hospital.”

Sonny rubs the side of his face before lying on his side, facing Rafael, “Yeah I would like that. And I bet Mike would too.” He felt a little better hearing this plan come from Rafael.

“Mmmmcome here,” Rafael wraps his arms around Sonny before he drifts back to sleep.

Sonny couldn 't help but kiss his forehead before he follows suit.
The next morning, they head to the hospital. On the way there, they stop by a pharmacy where Sonny picks up a teddy bear and a card what says “Get Well Soon Champ”. It had a picture of a bulldog with a bandage on its head behind a pair of boxing gloves. When he showed Rafael the card he couldn 't help but laugh. “He 's going to love it,” Rafael says as he signs the
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But I thought you were transferring to the terror task force.” Sonny tried to contain his excitement over the news. Mike had mentioned this before all of this happened and he was afraid that would strain their relationship

“Was till this happened. Dad 's not thrilled about it, but what can I do?” Mike opens the card and cocks an eyebrow. “I love the uneven smiley face, Raf.”

Rafael shrugs, “Never said I was an artist.”

“I 'll take it,” Mike laughs before grimacing a little.

“Are you ok? Do I need to get a nurse?” Sonny gives a concerned look.

“Please don 't. I 'm fine. Stitches still hurt a little,” he rubs his side for a moment.

“Alright, but let me know and I 'll get one here right away,” Sonny sits down as Rafael watches on.

Mike only nods, resting his hands comfortably on his lap.

Sonny looks at him, “You know, you gave us all a scare there.”

“Believe me, I know. My dad. He didn 't leave my bedside for two days straight. He was very reluctant to go early this morning,” Mike says, looking a little exhausted.

Rafael had to resist the urge of rolling his eyes at the mention of Chief Dodds.

“Trust me, I have a protective Pops too, so I got you,” Sonny smiles. “Do you need us to get you anything? Are you allowed anything? I feel bad that we can 't stay that

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