Chief Dodds: A Fictional Narrative

There was a special bond the three of them shared and when Mike was shot, it shook Rafael and Sonny to the core. Especially Sonny. He was not only a lover but a fellow squad member and police officer. Everything was touch and go during the night. At first, the doctors were unsure if Mike would make it or not until the surgery was over with. After the surgery, Mike remained unconscious but stable. There was no way Sonny could sleep. And whenever he did he envisioned Mike dying and him attending the funeral. Seeing Mike 's lifeless body lying there in the casket always woke him. He would sit up and shake and then get angry. Angry because the person who shot him was a correctional officer and they were supposed to be like brethren to cops. Who …show more content…
“It 's ok, I know you two ca-”

A knock on Mike 's door interrupts their conversation. They all look over to see Chief Dodds by the doorway.

“I see you have company,” the elder Dodds quips. “Not interrupting anything, am I?”

“Mmm, actually we were about to leave,” Rafael side eyes Chief Dodds.

Sonny reluctantly agrees, “Mi-Sahge, if you need anything feel free to ask.”

“I will,” he says as Sonny and Rafael exit the room.

A few days later, Sonny was delighted when he found out Mike could eat other foods and he made sure to bring him homemade food whenever he could.

“I almost forgot how good your cooking was,” Mike digs into a slice of lasagna. “You have no clue how long I 've been wanting to have actual food.”

“I saw the look you gave every time they brought your lunch,” Sonny smiles.

“That obvious?”


After Mike finishes his food, he looks at the both of them, “The doctors say that by this weekend I 'll be able to go home and I 'll be able to work. Desk duty but better than nothing.”

Rafael smiles,
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It takes a couple of hours for Sonny and Rafael to decorate their apartment with “Welcome Back SGT Dodds” banners and other decorations. Sonny prepared the food, Rafael handpicked the drinks, and they both set the tables. It was right after they finished that guests started to arrive. Amanda arrived first with Jesse in tow then Liv, Tucker, and Noah and finally Fin. Sonny purposely had them come over an hour prior before Mike so they could truly surprise him.

“It smells so good in here, Sonny. Too bad we can 't eat now,” Amanda says.

“There are snacks on the other table,” Rafael points out before he eats a handful of plantain chips.

Noah looks up at Sonny and raises his hands to him, “Uncah Sonny!”

“Hey there,” Sonny lifts him up, grinning.

Noah giggles, “Are we gonna hide?”

Carisi shakes his head, “No, we 're gonna wait for Uncle Mike.” He puts Noah down.

“Ok,” Noah seemed satisfied with that answer as he goes back to Benson and clings to her leg.

Ten minutes later there 's a knock on the door and Sonny opens it. “Mike! Come on in!”

“Welcome back!” Everyone shouts as soon as Mike steps through the door.

“Hey,” Mike greets everyone. “You weren 't kidding about this at all, Sonny.”

“Why would

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