Analysis Of Mike Rose 's ' Lives On The Boundary ' Essay

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Mike rose the author of “ Lives on The Boundary” grew up the child of Italian immigrant parents. He described living as a disadvantaged child in the poverty of South Los Angeles. He recalls living in a home that was entirely furnished with used furniture that his father had to pay for by working a few hours each day at a used furniture store in his neighborhood.

Mike rose understood what it was like to be labeled as a remedial student because of his Italian immigrant background. During his first two years of Catholic high school he was placed in a Vocational Education program which was for remedial students. This record mix up was finally noticed after two years and in his junior year of high school he was placed in the college prep program. In Mike rose’s junior year of high school he luckily had an english teacher who cared greatly for his students and would become Mike’s mentor. “I certainly was not MacFarland’s best student; most of the other guys in College Prep, even my fellow slackers, had better backgrounds than I did. But I worked very hard, for MacFarland had hooked me. He tapped my old interest in reading and creating stories. He gave me a way to feel special by using my mind. And he provided a role model that wasnt shaped on physical prowess alone, and something inside me that I wasn 't quite aware of responded to that. Jack MacFarland established a literacy club, to borrow a phrase of Frank Smith’s, and invited me - invited all of us - to join.”…

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