Analysis of Middle Range Nursing Theory Essay

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Integration of Mid-Range Theory and Practice Paper:

MaryKay Livingston Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
Case Western Reserve University Dr. Deborah Lindell

The Practice Situation

Complex physiological changes during pregnancy have a significant impact on almost every organ on the body system including the oral cavity -- these changes are due to hormonal changes. Estrogen causes increased blood flow to the oral cavity, making the gums friable and easy to bleed, contributing to gingivitis. Pregnancy-associated gingivitis is highly prevalent. It affects approximately 30%-75% of pregnant women and resolves after delivery. Nausea and vomiting during
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“Cues to action are strategies to activate the one’s readiness.” And finally, “self efficacy” is “one’s confidence in one’s ability to take action.” (Champion, Stretcher, & Janz, 2002, p.49). The Health Belief Model is one of the conceptual frameworks for understanding health behavior. Also, the HBM is used for explaining and predicting acceptance and adherence to medical care recommendations (Champion, Stretcher, & Janz, 2002). The Model hypothesis “that an individual’s decision to change behavior is determined by two elements: (1) One’s perception of a threat to personal health which is determined by two underlying belief, namely perceived susceptibility of the disease and the perceived severity and seriousness of the disease. And (2) Ones perception of the efficacy of treatment proposed to reduce the threat”. (Ramseier, Suvan, 2010). This theory is indicated as a mid-range theory because it is narrow in scope, less abstract, and more applicable directly to practice for explanation and implementation. The early applications of HBM were focused on tuberculosis screening test, and then MBM extended to lifestyle behavioral changes such as condoms use, obtaining vaccination against infectious disease such as influenza vaccine (Baranowski, Cullen,

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