Analysis Of Michelle Obama 's Reasons For Study Abroad Essay examples

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Imagine clicking your heels together and appearing anywhere your heart desires. Traveling is a vacation away from a person’s stressful daily routine, get away from the “normal” life style, get out of his or her comfort zone, and go. To travel is to go on a journey, visit places that are new or far away; to get away from the everyday life. Cultural travel can involve study abroad, taboos, food, and also how it can have an effect on a person. Michelle Obama said, “The more young people get the opportunity to travel the world, live in other cultures and learn new languages, the more they will begin to understand our shared ideals and the shared opportunities to keep moving this world forward.” Study abroad is a program that universities and high schools have where a student can go to different countries and gain an education somewhere different than his or her traditional environment. In the article, “Michelle Obama 's reasons to study abroad,” She explains the reasons to study abroad, such as: beginning to understand shared ideals and the shared opportunities to keep moving this world forward, an edge in the job market, more compassionate, and several more. Obama gives these examples to explain why this is an amazing opportunity, how it will better our nation. There are many other reasons to study abroad, the main reason is to see the world. The first lady exclaimed, “The benefits of study abroad are almost endless. First of all, it 's going to make you much more marketable…

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