Analysis Of Michelle Alexander 's ' The New Jim Crow ' Essay

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Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow discusses ways in which the prison system of the United states has become a cycle for many prisoners instead of a method for them to repent and regret their crimes while James Baldwin’s A Talk to Teachers features the first-hand experience of the author himself dealing with racism in the education system. Both authors, who are black Americans discuss racism in times where it is thought that racism is no longer present. Many people might think of racism and think of times before the Civil Rights movement in the United States or apartheid in South Africa however both Alexander and Baldwin discuss select manners in which they have witnessed or experienced racism as black Americans post-the Civil Rights movement in the United States, a first world nation recognized for its supposed equality.
Alexander and Baldwin both approach their writings by contradicting the believed status quo of racism in America. Both writers decided to speak of the topics they are most aware of; Alexander uses her experience working against racial profiling while Baldwin uses his own first-hand encounters with racism in the education system. They both address racism as the reasoning behind their writings. However the authors have differing underlying reasonings. Alexander addresses systemic, often overseen, racism that primarily affects black Americans while Baldwin addresses blatant racism that is undoubtedly experienced and noticed by people of color from…

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