Essay about Analysis Of Michelle Alexander 's The New Jim Crow

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The social construct of respectability in contemporary America is one that is focused on the increased value of time. As long-term growth and achievement take a back seat to short-term returns in the new capitalism, time becomes more valuable. Consequently, organizations have adapted and stability for workers has diminished. Relationships between employees and the companies that employ them have shifted from one that is based on mutual respect through mutual dependency to one in which past experiences merit less and respect must be earned in the present. The struggle to achieve respectability is now constrained by a time frame that depreciates skill and emphasizes potential ability. This new approach has left many groups of people without the respect they once felt. In the context of Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, this approach further deprives black people of opportunities that can lead to respect as their time is being seized. In this contemporary structure of capitalism, people must race against time to demonstrate that they posses the potential ability needed in order to achieve respectability. As the American economy embraced the new capitalist system, the social construction of respectability adapted. While respectability was still connected to success, the methods towards attaining success changed. The new capitalism shifted the lens of success from the past reference point of progression that had been achieved to the current “fluid model, present-oriented,…

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