Essay about Analysis Of Michel Foucault 's Philosophy

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Depending on whom you ask, it can be hard to find a television show that both entertain its audience while simultaneously critiques societies use of technology. The word technology is derived from the Greek tekhnologia, which meant a systematic treatment of an art, craft, or technique and was originally used to refer to grammar. French theorist, Michel Foucault, defined the Greek word techne as a rationality that is consciously governed. To Foucault, technology had a much broader meaning than the modern definition; the application of a scientific knowledge that is used for a sort of practical purpose. In philosophical studies, technology is often seen as more of a threat than a gift. According to the studies, it is becoming increasingly easier to take technology to the extreme as a way to control reality by attempting to solve all of humanities problems. Throughout the course of this paper I intend to look at Michel Foucault’s works, in particular his studies of the Technology of The Self as well as his well-known Panopticism. From there I will dive into the world of Black Mirror, the British cult show that is changing the way we think about technology by combining social constructionism, human nature, authority, and self policing in a rather frightening way. By looking these features through the lens of Foucault’s theories and than comparing them to our current world we can begin to see the way that power is held over individuals through technological surveillance. While…

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