Escape From The Western Diet By Michael Pollan

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In the article “Escape from the Western Diet” Michael Pollan talks about how the Western diet is unavoidable, yet, he says people can escape it. Pollan talks about the health problems it causes. The food industry is also one of the issues as they have their methods of selling their products. Then the last point is the main theory the article Nutritionism. Nevertheless, the problems that Pollan has, is that the products that the industries produce are unhealthy. One problem, Pollan has with the Western diet was that it causes health problems. As he explained, “sugar -soaked diet leading to metabolic syndrome and from there to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.” (421) Those were just the “Western diseases” that the diet gave out but, this …show more content…
The reason why the populace keep eating unhealthy food is that no one is forcing them to eat it but rather themselves. If the populace chose to eat the product which will lead to a disease, then it was their choice to eat it not anyone else’s. There’s also the food industry that are just making money off on they their current method and if it does not work they will just go to a new method to make any product taste better than it’s the person job to do exercise or search vegetables and/or fruits. Thus, the theory nutritionism will still be in use moreover, people can choose to continue the path of a bad health or on a healthy one. I disagree with Pollen to some extent as he has stated the problem, it’s all up to the person to escape from the western diet or not. In the article “Escape from the Western Diet” Michael Pollan, states the diet the westerners are using is that of an unhealthy one. Then to further provide it by saying it causes a health problem. There’s also the food industry and the methods they use to sell their products. As well as the theory nutritionism which is used to increase the nutritional value of food; never the-less it still doesn’t change a thing about whole food. Even if the Western diet is unhealth, many people can’t avoid it, but escape is possibly as Pollan states in the article, but only if they chose the option to escape from it, that

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