Analysis Of Michael Pollan 's Book ' Escape From The Western Diet '

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Am I Fat? We live in a world filled with chicken parts cut into fun star shapes and cheeseburgers that barely have any meat on them. Veganism is ridiculed and “fit” people are considered anorexic. On the other hand, “we shouldn’t eat so much” and obesity is disgusting. More than two out of three adults are considered to be obese or overweight (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases), but four out of ten adults are suffering or have suffered from some form of anorexia (Eating Disorder Hope). Michael Pollan states in his article, Escape from the Western Diet, “So here we find ourselves...lost at sea amid the crosscurrents of conflicting science” (Michael Pollan, Escape from the Western Diet.). Just like the conflicting science that Pollan describes, we also have conflicting views on what is healthy and what is not. How do we get out of this “Western Diet” and what exactly is it? Michael Pollan does a tremendous job in explaining how to conquer the Western Diet. Don’t do it. There are many theories that he explains but he comes to say that they are all just theories and they don’t mean a thing to the average person. To the science and food community however, they need these different theories or formulas to compile to recipes for food or to “beget new drugs to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol; new treatments and procedures to ameliorate chronic diseases; and new diets organized around each new theory’s elevation of one…

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