Analysis Of Michael Kimmel 's Bros Before Hos : The Guy Code Essay

1490 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 null Page
“Man up!” with a powerful voice said by my father when I asked him to do not send me to the kindergarten. It is the very first time that I had to leave my parents and stay with many other strange people at an unknown place. There is an innate bias that has taught to men who should be afraid of nothing even he is child. As boys grow up, they would gradually learn and integrate within a box of codes which trains them how to be a man, as known as the Guy Code. This set of rules prevalently applies among men’s groups about how a man behaves with other men and his girl friend. It mainly teaches guys to create a dominated, aggressive and fearless personality . However, in Michael Kimmel’s “ Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code”, he indicates that the consequences of these rules are that men have to disguise their emotions and inner to be like a man particularly among their peers. Meanwhile, in “ From Fly-girl to Bitches and Hos” by Joan Morgan, she states a point that she understands the power of rap, but the lyrics in rap are full of misogyny and degrading of women. In the speech by Tony Porter ,“ A call to men”, he appealed that people should cooperate to tie the liberation between men and women. Although some rules in the Guy Code could be a positive manner which establishes young men a strong and determined humanity, most of these rules mistakenly spread to men an incorrect perception which contributes sexism. Not only are men repressed by entrapping in a web of behaviors,…

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