Analysis Of Michael Kaufman 's Article On Men And The Violence

1090 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
There are three primary findings that support the main focus of this topic. It directly focuses on men and the violence they show to women, other men, and also to themselves. This triad coincides directly with each other supported by findings that society creates a man who must dominate and control himself and his surroundings. Men are instilled with this society given power in early years and are continuously given reassurance that violence is what makes a man. This privilege allows men to objectify women, reenforce violence, and challenge the idea of equality. Michael Kaufman thinks violence among men is based upon and emotional battle found within. Men are not trained to be affectionate, weak or feminine. They are taught they must be forceful to get what they want, powerful to be shown respect and masculine to ensure they are not mistaken for a homosexual. He has found the frustrations of constantly having to prove to others and well as themselves has created an aggression that needs to be taken out on others. Women, who are seen as objects will typically be the main target in relieving the built up tension society instilled. Kaufman researched sociobiologists who found no evidence that men’s violence is the result of natural genes or hormones. He also found anthropologists did not find any violence against women, children or other men in earlier societies. Primary contributions this study has added to our class discussions coincide with men being a creation of a…

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