Essay about Analysis Of Michael Jorden 's ' The Game '

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After six National Basketball Association (NBA) Championships, eleven NBA Most
Valuable Player (MVP) awards and playing an astonishing fifteen seasons, Michael Jorden continues to be an inspiration for, not just me, but for so many young people. His combination of motivation, determination, athleticism, and definition to the game of basketball is the reason why he was voted as the Athlete of the Century. As with others, I am a huge fan of Michael
Jordan; I bought his high top “jump man”, silhouette shoes and I wore his black and red Chicago
Bull’s jersey. I remember my dad and older brother watching every one of his basketball games; he was my hero. So of course, when his book that he wrote came out, I bought it. Michael published a book in 1998 called, “For the Love of the Game” that talks about the rough times during his career, and the achievements he had accomplished with the Chicago Bulls; it explains his story about dedication and basketball, which are two things that I desired to have in my life because of him.

A prime example of his motivation takes him back to his years spent at Emsley A. Laney
High School in Wilmington, where his height caused a struggle. I struggled as well with my height, my freshman year in high school, which caused me not to make the Varsity team. Like
Michael, that didn’t stop me; I joined the junior varsity team and started every game as the point guard. During Michael’s sophomore year of high school, he tried out for the…

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